Why FuseBox Is The Best Podcast Player For Your WordPress Hosted Podcast Site.

Today I want to talk about FuseBox, the revolutionary podcast player plugin for Wordpress formerly known as Smart Podcast Player. This podcast player is the brainchild of podcasting royalty, Pat Flynn. Alongside the re-branding and face lift, FuseBox has received new implementations such as the new transcript plugin that allows you to post your timestamped transcripts alongside your episodes.

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Why Video Will Continue To Be The Central Piece Of Your Marketing Strategy In 2020.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a few minutes. Do you remember a time where not everyone had a cell phone? What about a cell phone that wasn’t “smart’? How about a phone that didn’t even text? Oh yes, there were times that business was done by connecting with folks face to face and with a (quasi) warm handshake followed up with words and emotions being exchanged during that meeting. It truly wasn’t that long ago, but as technology has increased the rate and frequency in which we can replicate these types of interactions with our cold audience, so have the needs of your marketing keeping up with that rate of change.

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Access Points Podcast: Episode 27 – Post COVID19 Business Landscape

As the COVID-19 crisis persists, the situation shows that it has forced the entire world to change its way of life. From how children receiving their education from Zoom conference calls, to healthcare businesses suddenly having an explosion in demand, the world is having to learn how to adapt to utilizing technology as an alternative while many states and counties continue to be on quarantine for the remainder of time.

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