Access Points Podcast: Growth as an Entrepreneur with Steven Wang, CEO of Ming Wang.

Access Points Podcast: Growth as an Entrepreneur with Steven Wang, CEO of Ming Wang.


Coming from a family of hard workers and unparalleled dedication, Steven witnessed his parents’ struggle to build their business from scratch. Spending a summer job in his father’s warehouse and overnight labor under Miami’s summer heat, Steven is determined to take a different path.

In today’s episode of the ACCESS POINTS PODCAST, Tim will have a conversation with his good friend, Steven Wang. They will speak about the story of how Steven and his family started their women’s apparel business, the struggles they went through to grow their company, and his turning point on how he ended up running their family business.

Steven Wang is the CEO of Ming Wang. Born from a family with two completely opposite personalities, Steven got a unique perspective not only from a professional standpoint but also in family business.

Ming Wang is a family owned and operated women’s apparel company. They have refined and versatile garments that offer style without sacrificing comfort. They design and fabricate distinctive apparel with unparalleled quality and easy care meant to be a long-term part of the wardrobe. 

Acknowledging his parent’s passion and dedication, Ming Wang has grown from New York City’s 2-bedroom apartment into a national business and an internationally-known brand of apparels.


Favorite Quote

“For those of you that have a family business that understands it, if it’s been passed along from generation to generation, somebody had to start this thing. And just like sometimes, a brand is the hardest thing to start. A business is just like it, there’s always risks going along with that, but THAT’S THE FUN PART.

                                                                                             -Tim Elliot

In This Episode

4:33 – Brief overview of Steven Wang’s company

8:56 – The insights he and his daughter gained in the fashion business

14:27 – Best analogy in his thought process of dealing with the whole apparel industry

17:29 – Steven’s personal and family history on how they got into manufacturing garments

26:04 – His father’s turning point of going into general contracting rather than keeping a collection

29:01 – His memories of the struggles his parents went through and his unforgettable summer job experience

30:44 – The tipping point to why he stated that he would never be a part of the business that he is actually a part of today

32:07 – The reason why he ended up running the business

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