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We’re a quickly growing team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Stephen Colon

Founder and Chief Knucklehead

Stephen might be the most dangerous person in podcasting, he’s committed to helping businesses leverage the power of their voice to ​bring dead leads to life​.

Knucklehead leverages a process for internal teams to follow and companies to use, built with over 13 years of professional leadership and sales development, and 8+ years of small business ownership working with companies on change management, engagement, and strategic alignment to business objectives.

After playing football in college and serving 9+ years in the Marine Corps as a logistics Marine, deploying to Iraq in 2008-2009 and organizing training missions in four separate countries (South Korea, Japan, Chile, and Thailand), he developed a knack for building out systems and processes for effective business development and revenue generation.

Stephen lives in Rockwall, Texas and has been married to the love of his life, Julienne, for 13 years, and is the proud dad of two rambunctious boys, Mason (8) and Clayton (5).

Email me: stephen@knucklehead.agency

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Justin Szerletich

Director of Content Strategy

Justin is a U.S. Marine Corps infantry veteran, serving as a U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Team Leader in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His experience encompasses all social media channels, radio/podcasts, to film and television.

Szerletich has a bachelors in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, and is currently studying at Harvard University’s Extension School to complete his Masters in Digital Media Design. He is recognized as one of the top and most innovative content strategists and design leads in the nation. He describes himself as a husband, a father, a son, and proud veteran.

His passion, inspiration and creativity has seen him helm amazingly creative projects with clients such as ESPN Radio, State of Illinois Dept. of Labor, BizTalk Radio, KnuckleHead Media Group, Business Doctor TV Show, Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration, 23rdveteran, and more…

Email me: justin@knucklehead.agency

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Daniel Vu

Creative Writing Lead

Daniel Vu is the Creative Writing Lead for Knucklehead Media Group, responsible for creating social media content for clients who have a presence on numerous social media sites. His writing has been featured on Quora.com, where he was recognized as a “Top Writer”, Successful Dropouts, and has made appearances on various social media outlets such as YouTube and radio speaking about his experiences as a Marine Corps veteran and subsequent adventures.

Daniel is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served in Operation Inherent Resolve and the POW/MIA Recovery Mission as a translator in Vietnam.

When not writing for Knucklehead Media Group, Daniel can be seen spending time with his girlfriend in addition to enjoying the beauties of Southern California where he currently resides along spending time with family in his Pacific Northwest home of Washington State.

Email me: daniel@knucklehead.agency

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Bassey Arikpo

Digital Asset Designer

Bassey Arikpo is one of our Digital Asset Designers at Knucklehead Media Group, responsible for creating social media graphics, audiograms, video editing, graphic design and content production.

Arikpo has a bachelor’s in Broadcasting from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and has previously worked in many communications departments at UNL, such as the Water Science Laboratory, College of Engineering, College of Business, UNL Student Affairs and more, to develop visual marketing strategies with video and other related media to promote differing projects.

In the past Arikpo has worked on projects with psychics, motivational speakers, musicians, scientists and clients such as Marco LeRoc & Co, Disability Rights Nebraska, Nebraska Water for Food, etc.

Always writing and producing independent creative projects, he has even produced several independent film projects, including a short film Memes: A New Reality, which was even premiered in a cinema.

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