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What We Do

Podcast Planning and Show Development

It all starts with an idea. Our creative team works with you to develop the show concept, equipment needs, technical needs and production workflow.

Knucklehead walks you through the process of purchasing and using the right equipment, recording your episodes, and submitting content to the Knucklehead Production Engineers. 

Our producers are on the forefront of the podcasting industry, and employ the best-practices of top-rated podcasts to put you on par with the most innovative shows.


Post-production Editing, Transcription and Show Notes Copywriting

Our Engineers and Producers specialize in audio and video production. We utilize cutting edge software and studio equipment to make each and every show look and sound its best. 

Knucklehead produces your audio branding, seamlessly edits your segments, and writes beautiful show notes and custom web copy to deliver a polished show package on-time, every time.

Distribution, Support and Commercial Advice

Knucklehead assists in setting up your podcast hosting service. We guide you through creating great show titles, descriptions, graphics, and more.

Knucklehead walks you through submissions to all relevant podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts®, Spotify®, and Google Podcasts®. 

Our producers can assess your market position, provide ongoing technical support, and advise on how to continue to improve your content quality.

Content Creation, Content Strategy, Branding and Marketing

Knucklehead walks you through the entire process from start to finish. From your branding to episode creation, we even create and re-purpose content from your show to utilize across social media, your blog, website and more!

Knuckleheads editors, producers and designers have over 30+ years combined experience in the realm of media and content creation. We strive to elevate your brand and deliver only the best.

Knucklehead is turn key for podcasts.

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Our Client's Wins

17.3% Engagement rate via LinkedIn - 7-9% CTR, leading to qualified lead engagement

Social Engagement 8-12% over 2019-2020, leading to 238% growth

Pivoted to virtual fundraising event due to COVID-19, replaced and exceeded traditional fundraising goal with our services

4.56% - 6.8% Increase MoM to Site, 5.1% Conversion rate, Client increase of 76%

Sold 42 $300 coolers with one email campaign

Added net new revenue $42,335 in e-commerce orders via email campaigns

Our Podcasts Are Chart Topping

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