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Why Audio Quality Is The Most Important Part of Your Podcast

Why Audio Quality Is The Most Important Part of Your Podcast

With today’s advancement in technology, it is easy to spot a system that’s back in the early 2000s. Now with podcasts quickly rising in popularity, no one wants to lose millions of viewers in the first three seconds thanks to poor sound quality. 

If you currently run a podcast or are thinking of starting one, you might think your Podcast’s content is the most important element. While that is partially true, no one will want to stick around to experience your content if they can’t hear it.

Here’s how to have excellent sound quality in all of your podcasts and why the audio quality matters. 

The Importance Of Quality

The sound of your podcast can really make or break its success. Think about the last time you watched a video with poor sound or graphics. It made the experience of watching the video less enjoyable. 

If your sound is off or not up to par, it can cause your audience to miss out on the message and the great content you’ve worked hard to create. You may not have thought of it like this before, but the sound of your Podcast heavily impacts your brand and your brand’s reputation. 

To set yourself up for success from the start, it’s important to invest in high-quality materials that give your production excellent sound. If you were to turn on the first episode of any podcast that’s out right now, you would hear that from the start, their episodes have been crystal clear. 

When your Podcast has a clear sound, it creates a welcoming environment that allows your audience to sit back and enjoy the show while fully understanding everything that’s being said. 

Sure, there is always room for improvement, and with technology continuing to advance, there’s a possibility that your sound will only get better. However, it’s better to already start off on the right foot than by drowning in reviews that are marking your brand negatively because of the sound. 

The best thing to do is think of your Podcast as a business from the start. Make sure that your business is up and running effectively instead of trying to catch up later.

A great microphone goes a long way for audio quality!

How To Achieve The Perfect Sound

So, how exactly do you achieve the perfect sound? Other than making sure you are using the best materials, there’s more to it than that. 

First, make sure the location you are recording or filming your Podcast in is clear of distractions. Depending on how well the microphone picks up sound, little noises can be heard throughout the recording. Podcasts are always crisp and super clear, so one way to elevate your sound is to make sure your location is quiet, and the only sound that can be heard is you and your guest. 

If you let the littlest thing, such as the air conditioner, construction, the dishwasher, or any other background noise, invade your sound, you could lose your audience. This could distract them from the message and leave them focusing on the background noise instead of enjoying your show. 

Another important aspect to achieving the perfect sound is editing. As you play back the recorded episode, look for imperfections in the recording that can be omitted or reduced with editing. 

Hiring a reputable podcast editor to listen to your episodes and delete the mishaps can improve your sound and the overall production of your episode. There may be something in the recording that you missed the first time around or don’t like as you listen to them.

It also helps to have a second pair of ears that is unbiased to your show, go over your catch any mistakes, or come up with suggestions to make it better. 

Products You Need For Perfect Sound

The key to optimizing your sound is by using the best products, more importantly, the microphone. 

The type of microphone you use will depend on your preference and how you record your episode. The main pieces of equipment you will need for recording the perfect sound are your computer and microphone; literally, that’s all you need to get started today!

When it comes to the microphone, do everything you can to avoid using the built-in piece your computer has. Sometimes it doesn’t pick up well, or the audio will not be as clear, especially if you have guests on your show. Don’t believe us? Hop on another Zoom call with your built-in microphone!

Maybe this is why your colleagues don’t like Zoom meetings!

The microphone you need to start with should be a USB microphone or one with an XLR output. These are the microphones you see if you were to watch a filming of one of the popular podcasts today. They carry sound really well and make the audio really crisp. 

A mixer is another great tool to have with your podcast audio because it can give you a lot of control over the input or output of sounds. You can also use a mixer for call-in guests that you regularly have. 

It may seem counterintuitive to go all out and invest in expensive equipment from the start, but take our word for it; it’s really the key to getting high-quality sound from day one. The materials and products you use make a tremendous difference in the output to your audience. 

Get Help With Your Podcast Today

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There’s no limit to what we can help you achieve with your Podcast. If you decide to work with us, you’ll gain access to our highly recommended equipment lists and other information to help the production of your podcasts run smoothly. 

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