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Vouris - Strategic Sales Advisory For Early-Stage Startups

Knucklehead Media Group set for new network sponsor – sales advisory firm Vouris

Dallas, TX May 10, 2021 — Knucklehead Media Group, known for their podcast production services and podcast network have officially announced a new network sponsor. Vouris (, a strategic sales advisory firm for early-stage startups.

Knucklehead Media Group is excited to announce the new partnership and is looking forward to working along side a talented group of individuals as the Knucklehead Network continues to expand. Vouris will be sponsoring the Knucklehead Network during this time of growth as well as individual podcasts already in production.

Vouris is trusted by venture backed startups to add sales experts to teams without the cost and commitment of hiring full time. They offer Sales and SDR advisory for teams serious about exceeding their goals as well as strategy and process recommendations to help accelerate growth.

Knucklehead’s Director of Content Strategy, Justin Szerletich says, “We really couldn’t have asked for a better partner in all of this. Not only is Vouris aligned with our business focused podcasts but they’re also an incredibly talented and creative team of professionals that I personally enjoy interacting with. Vouris is destined for great things”

Fans of Knucklehead Media Group’s podcasts can contact Justin Szerletich via email or Twitter ( to provide feedback and ideas. You may also find the latest industry news and articles about Knucklehead Media Group directly at

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