Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

You are probably wondering to yourself as to why you even need a podcast.

How is it going to benefit my business?

What will result from having a podcast about my business to begin with in the first place?

In this day and age especially during this COVID pandemic, businesses are discovering how podcasts are benefiting their business that have them reaping the rewards of making the decision to have one now. 

But you may be saying still, “What about the statistics that display the benefits?” 

Fear not, for your business, because now mainstream media is catching on to the podcast bandwagon!

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There’s more to this than just editing an audio file

In a recent article by the BBC, they reported that many podcast listeners find it easy to learn wisdom while performing other tasks. Over 94% of listeners are happy to learn new knowledge while performing other tasks such as watching Tiger King or that Ghost Adventures episode on the Tiger King. In addition, the number of podcast listeners have grown astronomically since 2017.

Even, better, listeners are doing themselves a favor when they do not have to worry about advertisements that are a constant annoyance for anyone wanting to have a continuity instead of interruptions. After all, 55% of listeners are often doing something and want to be distracted by that random commercial about the Stained Specialist. This is coupled with the fact that podcasts have seen a 157% increase since 2014.

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Your business needs to be advertised and it helps that whenever someone hears a voice that says the business out loud, it gives extra time for brands in addition to giving it a positive association that your business needs to get a boost in whatever your goals are as of right now.

So what are you waiting for, a Knucklehead moment just like us when we were just getting started?

Get a podcast now to benefit your business! 

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