6 Common Podcasting Mistakes You Need To Avoid

6 Common Podcasting Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Everyone these days seems to have a podcast; many people tend to think that doing podcasts is really easy. It is because making podcasts and uploading them has a really low barrier to entry.

Although making podcasts can be easy for many people, the process can quickly become complex if you start making mistakes. Making high quality podcasts and actually getting people to listen to them in their busy routines can take its time. You can actually learn from the mistakes of others and avoid them yourself.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that new podcasters usually make, and how to avoid them to make your podcast experience flawless.

1. Not Making Rough Drafts

Every podcaster needs some time to make his footing early on in his career. Recording “rough drafts”, having your episode format sketched out and even following a a written outline are all great ideas. We actually advise creating more episodes than you’ll initially release in order to be consistent with your uploads and have the flexibility to make changes if need be. We will typically record 5-10 episodes of a show before we launch with the initial 5 episodes.

If you already have an audience which will be listening to your podcasts (like social media followers), you’d want to start with the best quality content possible. You can also scrap some of your earlier episodes that didn’t fit into your intended style. That is perfectly fine, because you can have rough drafts as a podcaster.

You can record full episodes of your podcast as if you were actually going to release them, and then send them to some people that you trust. Ask them to listen to your podcast and send you honest reviews. This way, you can improve on things that aren’t good enough in your podcast.

You can use the feedback you get as a litmus test of your podcasts. If the reviews are good, then you’re good to start uploading regular episodes.

2. Not Being Consistent

Consistency is one of the most important things that you’ll need when starting a new podcast. You’d ideally want to inform your listeners of your upload schedule, and every other important detail before they even start listening to you on a regular basis.

You can follow our point one and make more episodes than you actually upload, this way, you’ll have some episodes to keep up the upload consistency if anything goes wrong and you can’t upload for some days. You should make a schedule and strictly follow it as closely as possible.

Uploading episodes on a consistent basis is one of the best things for the growth of your podcast. Keep in mind that turning your very first podcast into your sole way of earning money won’t be possible in most of the cases. You shouldn’t overdo it, instead, have an active lifestyle and give proper time to your family while uploading podcast episodes every once in a while.

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3. Not Setting The Tone

You should set the tone for your podcast when starting. Setting the tone is very important when you’re choosing topics for your podcast.

If it’s a comedy based podcast, you won’t want anyone to spoil the comedy or else your episode will turn out to be dark. Same goes for serious podcasts, you can’t sound casual in any of your episodes when your listeners are expecting something serious.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t change the tone of your podcast at all or have episodes that blend genres and tones. You can make some special episodes every now and then that deviate from the theme of your podcast.

You can also make “After party” episodes after the special episodes to discuss them. Same goes for the episodes featuring stars of different industries. All this adds a bit of spice for the listeners and makes them more interested in your next episodes.

4. Not Knowing Your Industry Inside Out

It is usually said that if you aren’t a good reader, you can’t become a good writer. Same goes for the podcast industry as well. You should listen to your favorite podcasts and should try to find interesting things that you can use in your own podcasts.

This doesn’t mean that you should steal ideas from others, but you can make your own ideas and make them work great by getting awesome ideas from other podcasts.

You should explore podcasts in other genres as well to shortlist the things that you like the most, and figure out how you can use them in your own podcast. You should research more and learn everything about your podcast genre before even starting.

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5. Not Focusing On The Sound Quality

One of the main reasons why people stop listening to a podcast and shows themselves end up failing too soon is their low-quality audio. Even though starting podcasts is not too expensive, you’ll still have to invest some amount of money on the necessary equipment. You should think about this before starting the podcast.

Fortunately, high quality microphones have become affordable these days. You don’t need a studio quality microphone to record podcasts. You can buy an affordable microphone that fits into your budget and you should also think about the place where you’ll actually record your podcast, because that matters just as much as or more so than the microphone you’ll record your podcast on.

6. Having A Podcast Just To Have One

Before even starting the podcast, you should think about why you’re creating a podcast in the first place. Do you want to make a podcast just because people are making podcasts these days?

Making a podcast might look like a casual thing, but it requires much more work than you’d expect at first. When you’re making a podcast just for fun, you won’t be able to give your best to the podcast. You’ll waste a lot of your time and money if you don’t work wholeheartedly on your new podcast.

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