Why Scott Leese’s “Creating Sales & Leadership Micro Communities” Is A Great Investment.

Why Scott Leese’s “Creating Sales & Leadership Micro Communities” Is A Great Investment.

There I was…

Stephen Colon (00:00): There was, I just walked out of a company where I had built the entire sales organization to over $16 million annual reoccurring revenue sales team was growing. And I didn't know it was, it was the most bizarre set of circumstances that led me to that point. What I did is I, I knew that I needed to lean on some, some leadership in that moment. Uh, I had been on LinkedIn looking for different connections growing my network. And I reached out to, uh, to this guy who wrote a book about being addicted to the process. And we were drilling, uh, process drilling, uh, systems. We were building out systems and order the book, uh, started to read. It, reached out to the author, told him, uh, that I, that I really appreciated, uh, the way that he was writing. Cause I got some tangible, actionable steps from, uh, from his book that helped me kind of calibrate, you know, how to make sense of, of, uh, just leaving this organization and going on to the next, uh, to the next opportunity.

Stephen Colon (01:03): And, uh, and that's when I started my relationship, uh, started a, uh, you know, a professional relationship with Scott. And what was great about that is Scott Leese subsequently was able to grow throughout his entire career. I mean, you're talking about, you know, the, one of the lead, um, sales leaders over at main street hub before they got acquired over at outbound engine. I mean, the list goes on and on and on in terms of the relationships you've been able to build on the people he's been able to help. And, you know, he said, Hey, listen, if I'm going to take all of my sales training, all the, uh, the metrics, all of the details and playbooks that have helped him build organizations helped me kind of calibrate the way that I was thinking when I was moving from one company to another, taking my sales leadership skills and becoming a better, a better sales, uh, individual.

Stephen Colon (01:49): There is a community that he's going to make available to me. I thought that would be the greatest thing ever. So we started a private in-person, um, you know, sales organization called the sales and surf summit. And that was fantastic. You go meet with other sales folks and you get the opportunity to learn how to surf, which is great. And just over the last few days, I've been getting these emails from him as part of his patriarch group that you have the opportunity to join. It's the, the sales playbook essentials. Um, there's another one, that's the finding a mentor, uh, the 10 chatbot benefits that a business can't afford to miss. And these aren't just some, you know, subject lines and don't lead to something substantive on the back end. You, you continue to get the, the, uh, explanation that detail, uh, a way to go calibrate some of your questions off of Scott directly.

Stephen Colon (02:40): I mean, his community is a very, very well engaged, excuse me, uh, access based system. So his patron, my suggestion is you go over to Patriot and you find Scott lease and you join it. Uh, it's going to be awesome. We actually take a couple of minutes here in this episode that you're about ready to listen to, uh, to get into what the competitive landscape, uh, doc looks like for his sales playbook. How do you essentially create your individual customer profile? Is it based off geography, you know, who are the early adopters size of companies? I mean, so much detail that is probably available. If you could go search it somewhere, but now, you know, the source. And also if you wanted to go talk to the source and the proof is in the pudding with the companies that he's been able to go help.

Stephen Colon (03:21): So my challenge is if you want to essentially get somebody whispering in your ear, who's led to, you know, millions and millions of dollars of revenue generation for these companies. And also subsequently impacting growth and leadership for, uh, for many other organizations is to go over to Scott Lisa's Patria, go over there. It's 10 bucks a month. You can be $120 a year. That's less than what it costs for a one college credit in most cases. And what this is going to be able to do is going to give you the discipline, the accountability, the framework for you to go out there and become a more productive sales rep to more organized in your sales management skills and also how to grow in your, in your career. So, uh, go over to Patrion and, uh, and go support Scott. So you.

Scott Leese is the author of  “Addicted to the Process”, founder of Surf and Sales and has spent his entire career  building and scaling sales organizations at SaaS companies. 

Scott’s “Creating Sales & Leadership Micro Communities” Patreon offering is crammed full of value. For $10 you get:

  • Audiobook version of his book “Addicted to the Process”
  • Direct Communication via text – yes, access to his direct cell number
  • Optional Featured Appearance by YOU on The Surf & Sales Podcast
  • Tequila Tuesday Happy Hour Q & A’s – rants with a smile
  • Personalized Monthly Trainings
  • 25% off any surfandsales.com event you choose to attend
  • Monthly Livestreams with guests
  • Bonus episodes of The Surf and Sales Podcast
  • Access to nearly 20 years of unpublished sales training materials
  • Monthly Book and Podcast Discussions

It is this amount of value that I appreciate, all too often Patreon communities are filled superficial benefits that produce no tangible value. Here, we have Scott allowing his audience to determine the content and training he provides… direct access isn’t a bad deal either, ha ha!

If you’re not familiar with Scott, check out Surf and Sales, Addicted to the Process on Amazon or come straight to Patreon and join me along with others by joining the community.

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