How Much is Too Much Sharing on Social Media?

How Much is Too Much Sharing on Social Media?

We’ve seen those kinds of social media influencers: From the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep, they literally share their entire lives. It doesn’t matter if they’re brushing their teeth, dropping a deuce, or lifting weights, it’s shared in the form of a quick Instagram story, a Tweet, a Snapchat, made into a humorous TikTok to amuse that Chinese intelligence officer, along with any other social media outlet available out there. Whatever it is that’s being shared, it’s amusing, it’s thoughtful, and it’s industry standard to get that thought out there before something potentially viral is missed.

While we understand that it’s important to build up traffic to a website, podcast, or page, we have to ask the question anyone out there might have but are afraid to ask their favorite influencer: Don’t you think you are sharing a bit too much on social media?

Seriously, how much of your personal life must you share on your page (or secondary one set up just for sharing about your life) in the name of entertaining followers out there? And are you absolutely sure that it has anything to do with your original content and mission? Aren’t you a little hesitant that some crazy whacko may have an idea of attacking you after formulating an idea of your habits and routines just from what personal content you’re sharing?

It’s not just sharing about your personal life that is starting to become a bit too much, but also taking a salesman overtone of sharing a lot about companies that are sponsoring you to give a shoutout on a product or program for perhaps a mutual shoutout or even getting paid for the effort.

Influencers have to realize that not everything has to be shared every minute by the minute about their life, their sponsors, clients, or wherever they may be heading off to. The best way to get anyone’s attention is through authentic honesty in quick hitting content that doesn’t come off as spam in the Instagram story or coming off as a sponsored ad for some obscure company that sells scalp massagers. It doesn’t mean that influencers stop on daily posting if that’s what they normally do, but to cut back on unnecessary sharing such as if they happen to be driving or doing something that’s completely outside of their page’s mission.

Not everything that you do as an influencer has to be shared out to the world, have a little self respect to your dignity and to an extent, your family as they can get caught up in the social media world when they never even asked to be a part of your quick vlogs.

Remember, is what you’re sharing what you’re trying to portray as your whole life? Or is it merely a fraction of what really goes on? When the camera is off, is it a different story?

To be authentic is to find that balance in sharing great content that’s not obnoxious to the world. We are smiling and laughing when you share about the story of a post that probably needed an explanation, we find it to become boring very quickly when you are ranting about the dumb driver that just cut you off and wondering what that has to do with your mission.

Share what’s related to your mission, and keep the mystery of your life a mystery to keep us all intrigued. Otherwise, we become the unintentional stalker in your life that knows a little too much about you and where you will get your coffee in the morning.

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