Monument Destruction: Are We Witnessing History Repeat Itself?

Monument Destruction: Are We Witnessing History Repeat Itself?

It’s not difficult to turn on the news (at least the credible news, not CNN) and see all the doomsday going on. Asides from seeing the obvious negative overtone, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that any of this news could have been straight out of George Orwell’s infamous novel of 1984 when we read about individuals getting in trouble merely for having their own opinion, contact tracing, and other wild ideas the government has these days in an effort to cure the world of COVID-19 at the cost of individual freedom. Furthermore, it’s utterly insane to witness history being erased in the name of combating racism, whether it’s defacing the Abraham Lincoln memorial or screaming for the removal of statues of Saints who had nothing to remotely do with racism to begin with.

What is this, communist China during the Cultural Revolution?

No, this is right here at home in the United States in 2020.

The sinister fact about what’s going on is how eerily similar the environment increasingly looks like the Chinese Cultural Revolution or the Great Leap Forward in which history and legacy that formed a country is tarnished and dealt with in a tyrannical manner in which culture is outright destroyed by mob rule. We are seeing that right now with many individuals who have been ‘canceled’ for their beliefs through social media smear campaigns, businesses and Churches being indiscriminately destroyed, along with individuals fearing for their livelihood not knowing if they are going to be the next target.

We are living in interesting times where logic and common sense are outlawed in the name of feelings of a group of people who have no idea of who they are fighting for, and wondering how we have gotten to this point?

Who are we to blame when we all more or less went to the same education system together growing up?

It’s easy to atrophy in knowledge academic wise but to forget any sort of cultural significance whether it be the legacy of the Founding Fathers of this country, or the Saints who established missions in once desolate areas now a part of our Union, it’s disappointing if not appalling to see folks becoming angry over a statue and demanding for it to be destroyed. What does that have to do with a man who was murdered by police about two months ago?

We are witnessing history repeat itself in the form of mob tyranny thanks to forgetting about the past history of other mob rules that have happened over the ages. We have gotten to this point by neglecting the reminder of what happens when we do not keep ourselves in check through the education of the past to better the future which as led us to the present. The best we can do now at this time, is to bear through these terrifying times and hope that a better future will emerge when this all passes.

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