Knucklehead Podcast: New Sponsorship Announcement

Knucklehead Podcast: New Sponsorship Announcement

Do I spend much time worrying about sponsors?

In short, no.

Well, they pay you just for creating content, don’t they?

Well, in short – no.

Sure they do – they pay you for embedded their logo, their product, mentioning their service, etc. Right?

No. They calculate their investment the same way any practical person would.

But the whole reason you even have an audience to begin with rests on your discretion between what pays you and why your audience listens at all. Pioneers in the podcasting space like John Lee Dumas suggest that (*gasp*) the personalization of the ads for your show are more effective when you’re reading them.

Listen, there’s really only a few folks that like commercials. Even less when you look at those that listen to podcasts. Our audience doesn’t mind when we put a mid-roll about our production agency, why – well, it’s us. It’s an organic ad, fueled with interest from each of the social channels we promote. Even still, ads are the driver behind why more and more buying decisions are made. 90% of ads influence folks purchasing decisions. Even my last x3 online purchases were due to ads – (dress shoes, a watch for my wife, and some masks for a trip we have scheduled).

Does that mean that they are effective? No – because I buy online only every few months. So, the traditional conversion metrics are terrible measuring ROI for a shopper like me. Chatting with a small group of ad execs, we’re doing it all wrong – they scolded me for not having a more aggressive ad campaign for other interested vendors. Although, when we pressed them on what made up that sentiment, they had large enterprise experience to guide their decision making. Be that as it may, we’ve held out for the best alignment of interest in the ad space.

I’m always open to the idea that a product, a service can help to expand their brand awareness by partnering with vendors to augment their reach. We even recorded bumpers (15 sec promotional snippets) and shared them with other podcasters, although one turned his nose up to the idea of having our voice on his show to promote both of our shows, since it wasn’t his idea. That said, it’s come to that point where we believe Knucklehead’s audience would appreciate the commercial validation of a sponsor. So, we are stoked to offer some pricing breaks (20% OFF) for those bold enough to “trim” away the fluff, maybe even “cut through” the forest – when they use the code KNUCKLEHEAD at manscaped.com.

I live in Texas. Last I checked it has been over 100 degrees each of the last 10 days. Also, there’s folks in my family that listen to my ridiculousness every single week, so I’ll spare you the details of why we are excited about this sponsorship. But, for all the ladies that know their man needs some more help outside of learning from others business mistakes, go ahead, use the code KNUCKLEHEAD. You’ll be glad you did – or at least he’ll not have to use your razor anymore.

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