“Influencers”… Time To Call Them On Their Bu****it?

“Influencers”… Time To Call Them On Their Bu****it?




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I call BS. Looks like I’m not alone in that sentiment. A future guest of Knucklehead Podcast shared a great poll where almost 1k folks suggested this very accomplished sales leader should go ahead and call out those that are “full of it”, for being “full of it”. While there’s those that don’t believe in confrontation, I tend to agree privately with this poll. Although, my demeanor would really only invite them onto an episode of our show to confront them, then promote the episode (no foreshadowing… 😅).

Listen, I fully understand that due to us being a production agency, where we specialize in the strategy, production and distribution of digital media lumps us into the same category of asshats that charge $10k for a logo you’d be perfectly ok with developing for free on cavna. It doesn’t take a genius to realize there’s a right way and a wrong way to leverage your following for positive growth. Being disingenuous isn’t one of them.

There’s more of a tendency now to push mass content out the door, put random posts with very little strategy tied back to the establishment of a brand, where the intent is to convert. The strategy of conversion will continue to be a losing proposition if folks don’t take a step back and learn a bit more about the process. If you have a smaller audience of a few hundred, a list of several thousand names that are genuinely interested in growing their skillset or their knowledge around the digital landscape, that info will serve your business and objectives much more than wearing an expensive outfit in hopes you’re able to rake it in from your affiliate link.

We’ve found that in the pre-sale process, there’s plenty of opportunity to improve. Improve your messaging, communicate the details of what people who are interested in your product or service will believe is valuable, as well as give you the info necessary to sell your product. There’s no shortage of opportunities out there, whether that be big established brands looking to have access to smaller, niche audiences, or willing and interested consumers that want what you’re good at and willing to pay you. Just don’t commit the cardinal sin of trust, be genuine and know what really adds value to those that follow your content.

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