Has California gone off the Rails?

Has California gone off the Rails?

Every state seems to be on the path of reopening again. Folks can finally breathe the fresh air of summer, go to their favorite restaurants, get a tan on the beach, and see their family and friends again with a few caveats. All with the exception of the state of California. Or better yet, the People’s Republic of Commiefornia as many commentators have sarcastically noted.

While a majority of states are taking the effort to reopen while wondering what Dr. Fauci will flip-flop on next in regards to masks, California has taken a tyrannical approach to “combat” the COVID virus. Being the first state in the nation to issue a state at home order, the state has not stopped short of arresting surfers trying to catch a wave alone on a beach, harassed gyms who made the effort to open despite the orders, along with constantly moving the goalpost of when the economy can reopen when the Governor initially said the lockdown would last two weeks.

After almost three months of locking its citizens down, Governor Gavin Newsom was more or less pressured into reopening the economy from fed up citizens who wanted to make a living instead of living off of government aid, along with the President who deemed Church services to be essential.

He reopened the economy, Churches, and life in general at a limited capacity in June, only to reclose a majority of them once more in July due to a reported second surge. Having locked down its citizens for three months, only to do it again, one has to really wonder the logic behind the Governor’s logic. Has Governor Newsom and the whole state of California gone off the rails?

Prior to reclosing a huge chunk of the economy and life, Governor Newsom implemented laws that simply contradicted itself from closing down bars yet allowing others to remain open provided they have food, to overstepping the separation of Church and States boundary by banning singing then shutting down indoor religion services. Complacent observers will note that this is necessary to curb the number of outbreaks, yet are ignoring factual evidence along with the fact that these things the Governor is doing is downright tyrannical.

When will the citizens of California realize this? Why hasn’t anyone prioritized the recall of the Governor who acts like he and his party are above the law? Don’t they see that his wineries are still fully open and functional while others are closed? Don’t they see friends and family whose business are about to be put out of business for good because they are not allowed to fully operate? Do they ignore the physical, mental, and spiritual uplift of those who are craving for the beauty of religious services because they themselves are not the religious types?

California has to rise up to those who cannot simply treat its citizens like lab rats or switch off the economy like a light bulb. The Golden State is rapidly becoming dimmer and no longer embracing its Gold Rush roots when it allows for vandalism of statues while shutting down businesses and Churches that are minding its own business. It’s time for the citizens of California to wake up to the blatant tyranny and that their Governor has gone off the rails, and bring the state back on the rails by calling for more sanity.

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