#Throwback Thursday – Meanwhile On Mainstreet Ep. 5 – The Aftermath.

#Throwback Thursday – Meanwhile On Mainstreet Ep. 5 – The Aftermath.

This week on #throwbackthursday we take a look back on an episode of Meanwhile On Mainstreet regarding the aftermath and what lies beyond the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Looking at the current series of events, COVID 19 pandemic has brought global challenges in several aspects- economic collapse, loss of trust to authorities, patriotism, and populism.

This episode of the Meanwhile on Main Street Podcast focuses on the aftermath of COVID 19, how history provides an opportunity to learn lessons, creates a blueprint to deal with the crisis and conflicts as well as how we move towards the collective good.

Meanwhile on Main Street Podcast strives to bring you not just the historical context but processes that have worked to deal with the crisis and the conflicts. It lays out the groundwork for a solution to what does a post-COVID19 business world, family, community look like.


Favorite Quote:

“There’s a reason why we have checks and balances on our government because they can spiral out of control and typically it’s the result of unintended consequences when they think, we’ve got the answer and you guys need to follow in line.”

-Matt Neyland

In this episode:

2:03 – Call of duty amidst the COVID 19 crisis

3:53 –  Looking back to significant events in history when a comparable virus swept the country and degrade the military fighting force

4:43 – Historical parallels between the 1920 and the present pandemic

7:08 – The difference in economic impact between the early 1900 disease and COVID 19

9:35 –  Implication of globalism in terms of consumer goods and technology

15:01 –  What everyone needs to agree on when the economy opens

21:17 –  Relevance  of news reporters and journalist creed to build trust in communication

27:45 – Interesting theory about how the United States government has become

36:02 – Figuring out the real aftermath of COVID 19

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