#Throwback Thursday – Access Points Podcast: The 3 Discipline’s of Davin

#Throwback Thursday – Access Points Podcast: The 3 Discipline’s of Davin

Doing the small things with discipline, pride and a high level of execution on par with the things that you actually love to do, that is the mark of an impactful leader.

In this episode, Access EForms COO Davin Marceau sits down with CEO Tim Elliott to discuss discipline. See more from Access EForms in the show notes below:


COO Davin Marceau calls out the stark contrast about the different models of leadership that he observed and the leadership that CEO Tim Elliott learned.


Foreman on the Montana ranch, Jim, was a former Navy Frog-man (aka SEAL) from Vietnam and his strict discipline shaped the lens that Davin made decisions by. 


An example was shared from a terrible training accident gone wrong and how emotionless the leadership needs to be when stakes are life and death – that standard of focus and discipline is meant to be held up because performance isn’t a “nice to have”, it’s that way to stay alive.


COO Davin also shares how different even the levels can be depending on which unit in the military you’re leading. There are levels of autonomy and the influence you try to deploy won’t work with various types of teams.


CEO Tim Elliott talks about how an impactful entrepreneur shares a very meaningful story that helped him to cultivate credibility and a work ethic with his peers and those he led.


Learning that he needed to blaze his own path, CEO Tim Elliott talks about how he didn’t really need to set himself apart, because he had to do the worst job for years that physically showed the example of hard work.


Being willing to allow people in your inner circle that don’t think the same way that you do shows confidence, when you may not have the answers but trusting the organization to collaborate to create the solutions the company needs. Through discipline.


What does taking a dispatch switchboard have to do with sales and revenue?


When an entrepreneur helps their team see the vision and WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) for those team members, it changes the responsibility of discipline back on the leader, and raises the standard for the team.


CEO Tim Elliott shares that there are built in advantages to authoritative leaderships model, similar to the military, however it simply isn’t his style or has been his experience.


The 1st Discipline of Davin – Purpose


COO Davin Marceau shares a specific story from Airborne Ranger school to illustrate the differences between a reason and a purpose.


As you’re building teams, you’re wanting to extract the reason and motivation that fuels their work. 


COO Davin Marceau shares an interview question that he strives to ask himself everyday that he wakes up.


A physical example that he believes his responsibility is, reveals the 2nd Discipline of Davin – Passion.


Ferdinand Falk – “Powerful person on earth, is the Human soul on fire.”


You feel the change in the organization when the leader is truly passionate about what the mission is and the way they conduct themselves when adversity hits.


CEO Tim Elliott admits that while they have had some very bright team members, they haven’t had the passion or purpose and that limited the effectiveness that they have in the organization.


Your Team Becomes A Reflection Of Their Leader. You.


3rd Discipline of Davin – Discipline


There will be small tasks and deliverables that you don’t enjoy. That’s the reason why you must do them with the same tenacity as the thing you truly love and enjoy to get done.


Admiral Mcraven shared with a graduating class from the University of Texas the importance of the small things you need to do everyday.


Putting your feet on the floor every day – it’s not done because you need to or want to, but you do it because it is an extension of who you are.


The small things that were tough to do has led CEO Tim Elliott to some thing that he’s learned to enjoy over time – the financials and financial health of the organization is now an exercise he can excel in and look forward to because he’s forced himself to get it done.


“Proceduralize the mundane” – what is this?


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