What COVID-19 Did To Podcasts

What COVID-19 Did To Podcasts

Significant changes in how audiences are consuming podcasts have occurred during this pandemic. As the Coronavirus swept across the US we saw our daily lives shuffled, our routines changed and podcasting consumption immediately change.

In February and early March we began seeing less and less listeners tuning in via their cars and wearable devices, we assumed this is because they were no longer commuting into work. COVID-19 has brought with it significant changes in our audience behaviors ad Spotify recently shared, “listening time around activities like cooking, doing chores and family time suddenly surged. There was also an uptick in podcasts related to wellness and meditation.”

“It’s clear from our data that morning routines have changed significantly,” Spotify said in its first quarter earnings release. “Every day now looks like the weekend.”

Despite the pandemic changing people’s daily lives, podcast consumption continues to grow across the industry. Podcasting is more and more the way people are spending time, trying to educate themselves, trying to get smarter, trying to have companionship in a moment when people are alone.

What happens when the pandemic ends and we return to the “real” world? Do the habits and routines developed during the crisis slowly fade away or will our audiences keep consuming at home as well as the car and mobile? The growth in consumption leads me to believe that as our in home consumption rates have risen, podcasting has found itself a new home… in the home.

More and more of our audience will retain the routine set of engaging with, learning from, being entertained by podcasts as a part of the normal day to day. From the commute, to the den, podcasting is nudging out other hobbies and media as individuals go-to medium for almost everything.

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