Greatest Mistake in Social Media

Greatest Mistake in Social Media

We are all human, therefore we will make mistakes. This was previously mentioned in our last blog when we called ourselves out along with those that keep pretending to be perfect. That’s the greatest mistake anyone on social media can ever make be it a content creator, podcaster, influencer, whatever we call ourselves these days when we get a gigantic following. From a computer or phone screen, our lives appear to be magically perfect, all smiles and the whatnot we see from Instagram stories to witty Twitter posts.

But we don’t show the parts where we aren’t witty or where we didn’t have an awesome day at some fancy beach with the hot looking girlfriend that makes a cameo appearance in every Instagram story. We don’t share about the hard work or perhaps the failures it took to get us to where we needed to be whether it’s our career or what content we are posting.

Instead, we try to make everything appear immaculate and perfect, like an animal that tries to sweep everything under the rug when it is afraid of its owner. Like the last posts message, we want to emphasize that we must be authentic by being open about any imperfections that come our way in life.

Likewise, the other huge mistake that any content creator makes is through themselves. 

Now, you, the reader must be saying, ‘Now wait a minute, what do you mean by myself or themself? What the f– does that mean exactly?’

Think of all the posts you published today, what’s the common theme?

Is it trying to mimic that YouTuber who loves to post SnapChat posts every minute by the minute?

Is it whining and crying like that Only Fan girl who whined about how she didn’t know what else to do in life now that her paid subscription was taken away?

Well no, it’s more of the fact that you’re focused so much on yourself, that you fail to reach out to others.

If you’re really wishing to grow and have thousands upon thousands of followers for your Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, and perhaps millions of listeners for your podcast, you cannot isolate yourself like North Korea.

You must put yourself out there and stop seeing other content creators as the competition, but as another friend to be a guest on your next podcast episode.

We crave human interaction along with bonding in everlasting friendships that will last for a lifetime so why not view social media the same way?

Must we really isolate ourselves into our own little bubble of a page and mission we have? Do we have to be so egotistical that we don’t see ourselves in a different light with the collaboration we do with other social media gurus out there?

Open your page and mission up to the world, collaborate, throw questions around, but never do it alone in this digital age. You’ll find the process more enjoyable, and the content that will be produced in the deep discussions and collaborations you have in the process.

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