Access Points Podcast Episode 30 – Creating a Strategic Plan with Scott Fuller

Access Points Podcast Episode 30 – Creating a Strategic Plan with Scott Fuller



When a cataclysmic event happens, give your customers an offering that allows them to facilitate, to drive towards some level of success within their organization, and something they can cling on. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just refine your offer once it gets to your market.

In today’s episode of the Access Points Podcast, Davin and Scott talk about the development and implementation of a strategic plan, especially giving the current operating environment post-COVID 19, the dark shadow of too much planning, and the biggest takeaway from going through perfectionism.

Scott Fuller is the Chief Information Officer of Access. He helped thousands of organizations understand, confront, and overcome significant security challenges.

Davin Marceau is the Chief Operations Officer at Access Enterprise Forms Management. His comprehensive background in leadership, strategic planning, risk management, and business development made him a great asset in the business world.


Favorite Quote

“We let great be the enemy of good. We had something that we could throw out to our customers and be able to implement it rather quickly. But instead of doing that, we tried to polish it. We tried to turn that lifeboat into a bit of a yacht. And then when we finally got it ready to go to the market, we were two or three weeks too late.”

                                                                                             -Davin Marceau

In This Episode:

2:53 – The two big revenue generators for hospitals

5:18 – How to pivot strategically to meet the demands of the healthcare facility post-COVID 19

9:21 – How vendors alter their strategic plan to offer to be able to still get in, offer value, and make a sale

12:42 – One of the lessons Access EFM learned during the pandemic that resonates to other industries as well

15:51 – The positive side of failure

17:02 – Scott’s biggest takeaway from letting great be the enemy of the good in their     organization

26:44– What most people fall short in terms of strategic planning

29:07– Refining the steps of generating a viable product

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