Access Points Podcast: Ep 29 – Role of Pandemic to Emerging Tech

Access Points Podcast: Ep 29 – Role of Pandemic to Emerging Tech



The cataclysmic events created by the COVID 19 pandemic caused a massive paradigm shift that redefined the problem of the market, changed the economy, and reinvent the way people do business.

Today’s episode of the Access Points Podcast shares an interesting conversation with Davin Marceau and Mike Kelley. They will talk about the impact of the global pandemic on emerging technologies and its role in healthcare.

Davin Marceau is the Chief Operations Officer at Access Enterprise Forms Management. His comprehensive background in leadership, strategic planning, risk management, and business development made him a great asset in the business world.

With his 20+ years of healthcare technology experience, Mike Kelley has obtained a vast amount of experience and wisdom. He develops and implements a vision of achieving truly memorable solutions for hospitals.


Favorite Quote

“We move past this, into our new normal, and potentially into this headlong second wave of COVID-19 that’s awaiting us in September. I don’t care how valuable we see onsite visits. They may never be coming back.”

 – David Marceau

In This Episode:

1:27 – Airport scenario at the present time

5:35 – The challenge of establishing a connection among client and sales representatives

8:19 – The importance of having a belief system through a financial crisis and tough times

11:13 – The value of getting an onsite visit in client acquisition

15:16 – How market offerings evolve and emerge an entirely new technology on the heels of pandemic

18:23 – Telehealth as a virtual way to grow opportunities in healthcare

22:32 – Instances where business model changed in order to adapt to market demands

27:54 – The BIGGEST concern in operating a business

29:32 – Final thoughts in coping with the effects of COVID 19 pandemic

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