The Biggest Flaw in Podcasting (and the World for that Matter)

The Biggest Flaw in Podcasting (and the World for that Matter)

Look at any podcasters mission today, what do you notice? The question can also be asked of any content creator that there is out there in this world regardless if they are on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, or even the Apple Store, what is it that you will notice right off the bat?

Is it not obvious?

One word: Perfection.

But worse, it’s the image of perfection. 

They seem to have it all, nice convertible, big house, gigantic following on all social media outlets, and millions upon millions of downloads and views on whatever episode or post they release on a daily basis.

Yes they’ve made it and they are flaunting their success, and perhaps in some cases they have earned that right to do so in some ways.

But let’s get down to business to be upfront here, have you ever wondered what they did to get there?

Have you ever contemplated what trial and error that they have done to get them to where they are now?

As you can see here dear reader, that many of these influencers, content creators, and whatever they call themselves these days, they are all about the image of perfection.

Their podcast has always been smooth, their blog post without confusion, their marketing without any of the gizmos that will turn off a viewer.

But they are not willing to talk about their mistakes and failures, the very painful lessons that built them into the influencer that they are.

Building and crafting a great message for your business and influencer platform takes many trials and failures in order to formulate into success.

You find out what doesn’t work and what does work, then press on in the name of becoming successful. 

You find out quickly that it is not an overnight success, or perhaps can get you into massive amounts of debt like the fellow who borrowed six figures only to lose it all, then you are left nowhere else to go but only to the top.

We strongly advocate for these lessons to come to the light, we are about being brutally honest of where we fell short, and we are proud of where it has led us to be.

We want all others in the social media and podcasting realm to be the same.

The days of pretending to be flawless and perfect need to be penetrated with authentic stories of downfalls and mistakes that humanize the process. This can also be said about life.

Before the COVID pandemic, we perhaps were showing up to interviews or business meetings in the nicest clothes possible, doing our best to impress perhaps a future boss or client, showing that we were the perfect person to work the job or be of service.

Now with stay at home orders, we are now beginning to see the humanity of the individual through everyday chores that are exposed in that Zoom call, whether it’s the pet dog coming into the picture, or the child of your boss acting up off camera.

We see that they are just like us, fellow human beings, and want to connect to them because we can relate so much.

That’s the power of imperfection, we can easily relate to the Knucklehead across from us because they too are imperfect to everyday life and are proud of it.

We don’t pretend to be perfect because we know we are not, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of the mistakes that led to success either.

Don’t be afraid to be honest of the errors and trials you went through to be successful, but be proud of the powerful lessons that made your business and brand at the top of their game.

To the perfect content creators out there: Stop pretending that everything is awesome, show that you have a human side just like all of us Knuckleheads.

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