Podcast Audience Outreach

Podcast Audience Outreach

In the last two parts of this series, we identified the lack of sound advice on audience outreach in addition to identifying the audience as the most important factor of podcasting.

Now we are about to spread the wisdom on how to reach out to your potential audience without any gimmicks or sketchy methods that will instantly have people running away faster than an Olympic sprinter.

Catching the audience is simultaneously easy as waking up but can be as difficult as becoming a sommelier. How is this so in the world of podcasting?

It certainly doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of thousands of dollars to attend a seminar although it can be a wise idea, nor chatting up the local bartender when you’re cracking a cold one at the end of a work day, trying to talk about how cool your podcast is.

We previously spoke about what it means to have a unique and strong message that will immediately appeal to the audience. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you can certainly have a message that everyone can relate to. The question you have to ask yourself is how you can partake in a certain niche without coming off like you are mimicking the other established podcaster.

The audience within a podcast niche may certainly be enjoying whatever they are listening to, but when there comes an end to a series or desiring more services and content, they absolutely want refreshing content that is not only having similar elements, but something new that will satisfy their hunger of podcast.

It’s an art within the podcasting world to speak of the same topic as another podcaster, but to remix it in such a way that it becomes another influential perspective to listen from. That’s how you can latch onto an audience that’s hungry for more.

You can also create your own niche such as reaching out to a unique audience such as viewers who are a little too obsessed with watching Tiger King, but chances are they are a small audience. However, that can be a huge benefit for your podcast because now you have their attention even with small numbers.

When you do have someone’s attention, to give a human voice, it’s extremely, and we mean extremely important to have them participate in the podcast.

How so?

Just about every podcaster does this either overtly or subtly with call to actions. Whether it’s calling people to check out a sponsorship’s business, not be a beta and subscribing to an email, or giving feedback on an episode, it elicits the audience to take action hence the call to action.

Not having a call to action is the equivalent of not offering anything of value nor giving an incentive for the audience to continue listening on. By having a call to action, your voice is asking for the audience to lend a helping hand or offering them something so valuable that they simply cannot refuse, especially if you have a strong message.

That’s how you can easily catch the audience’s attention, in addition to growing your podcast fast.

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