Access Points Podcast: E28, Part 2 – Cyber Security and Building the Trusts of Prospects

Access Points Podcast: E28, Part 2 – Cyber Security and Building the Trusts of Prospects



Due to a wide range of using data capture devices, the amount of areas exposed to attacks increased exponentially leaving you vulnerable to massive well-orchestrated takedowns of the internet.

It is incumbent for service providers not just to solve business problems but also to take into account security in developing their products and services.

Today’s episode of Access Points Podcast focuses on the role of cybersecurity in the sales and marketing process, how acquiring a security CERTIFICATION  and FINAL REPORT from third-party audit firms acts as an extraordinarily powerful tool that excludes any sort of competition and helps in building trust to prospects.

Access Points Podcast talks about the principles around helping hospitals achieve success. They discuss the leadership mindset along with what has worked, what has not worked, and the lessons we’ve learned through the experience.


Favorite Quote:

“To what we’re all trying to do here depends on one thing, add value before you try to extract value from this relationship.”

                   – Mike Kelley

In Today’s Episode:

1:32 – The role of cybersecurity to the sales process

4:55 – Types of certifications should a healthcare software vendor acquire

8:04 – The significance of the FINAL REPORT in parallel to earned CERTIFICATION

9:59 – What value can Certifications offer in the sales process

14:53 – How mutual recognition of the role of security inside the organization is perceived.

17:13 – Advantage of having a security Certificate in gaining the trust of prospects

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