Identifying the Audience

Identifying the Audience

In our last post, we spoke about the lack of content in order to grow an audience. Too many in the podcasting world are only doling out wisdom on headphones, microphones, and mixers when it’s all about the people to resonate with a message. It’s about giving the human voice to your message, a voice for the words that are on your website, bringing the humanity to a world of automatic emails and bots.

Ask yourself this question: When you first began on your respective podcast, who did you want to speak to exactly? The man who is out there seeking your knowledge? Or the deaf man who has no idea what you are even saying?

If the first choice is what you are thinking exactly, you will also think of where they are located and how you can reach out to them from there! That’s the most important step that anyone can take when they are starting off in podcasting. It’s finding the man or woman who is yearning for your voice of wisdom that will transcend the bots, telling them what they want and need to hear their whole life, and crave for more of your message and your services if you provide one.

Forget about the equipment for a second and think about the audience you want to preach your message to for the podcast. It takes a lot of time and energy to formulate a solid message, but it also takes a lot of time and energy to research where to find the audience that will hang onto your every word.

You can invest in all the fancy gear and equipment that your heart desires, but there will be no major impact if there is no audience to look at when the launch date comes.

As you can see from this post, that we strongly emphasize if not repetitively on the importance of having the audience to hear your voice. When you have a normal interaction outside of technology and social media, do you need the gizmos that everyone has asides from recording gear if they were a journalist? Would they have microphones and headphones unless they were some random Special Forces operator?


You would not be lugging around all that equipment when you are having a deep conversation with a random stranger. You explaining deeply what you are passionate about, how you intend to change the world in your own way, or actively listening to a harrowing story that has you spellbound.

While we should never let the opportunity for a conversation go unrecorded, it’s having that strong desire to find the right man or woman to connect with our message that needs to be identified. The one who is yearning for something new yet something they have been desiring for all this time. The one who will stick by your side like a good thorn, wanting more and more of the quality truth that you will produce.

You identify this audience, and you are sure to not only be golden, but possibly go viral in the process.

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