Access Points Podcast: E27, Part 1 – Cyber Security Threats and Dealing with Work From Home

Access Points Podcast: E27, Part 1 – Cyber Security Threats and Dealing with Work From Home

In parallel to a whole lot of possibilities brought by computer-based technology, cyber attacks and threats are prevalent. Preying to the weakness and vulnerability of most industries, hackers put coordinated efforts to achieve their nefarious plan.



In today’s episode of Access Points Podcast, Cody Strate shares a conversation with the guys from the leadership team of Access, Mike and Scott, about the different attacks that occur under the safeguard of cybersecurity, how infiltrators work to paralyze your operation, and what businesses can do to prevent the risks.

Scott Fuller is the Chief Information Officer of Access. He helped thousands of organizations understand, confront, and overcome significant security challenges. Through his leadership,  the company is well-positioned to develop secure high-quality technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare.

As the Vice President of Sales, Mike Kelley understands people’s problems and align customers with the proper solutions. Skilled in Healthcare Sales, he develops and implements a vision of achieving truly memorable solutions for hospitals.

Favorite Quote:

“I think incorporating cybersecurity into what it is that you’re doing and making sure that that’s part of the fiber of your offerings is just being a good partner.” -Mike Kelley

In today’s Episode:

2:56 – Different types of attacks that occur under the umbrella of cybersecurity

5:20 – What cyber attack most businesses suffer during the COVID 19 pandemic

8:03 – How perpetrator demands to restore your data

11:21 – Why hospitals  frequently fall victim to cyber attacks

14:58 – Practical approach in assessing risk for business owners

17:32 – Best method to protect your industry from cybersecurity  threats

20:18 – Computer vulnerability from working at home due to the pandemic

23:06 – The importance of every employee’s involvement in the security chain

26:11 – How incorporating a security strategy to products and services be perceived

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