Podcast Is The Future

Podcast Is The Future

Podcast is the future. A bold statement to make as media outlets strive to make investments into podcast divisions and contemplate of humanizing their businesses by giving a human voice (hello to yours truly!). With this ongoing trend, it makes sense that asides from businesses that want in on the trend, that individuals would want a piece of the pie too to get their message out to the connected world.

But when that one individual sets out to go viral on their own podcast, they run into a plethora of what can be considered useless advice for someone waiting to unleash their potential. Is it really important to know about which microphone to use? How about that mixer or whatever gizmo gadgets that your role model uses when they have that camera pointing to their face?

The biggest problem unraveling in the podcast world right now isn’t the lack of equipment or what’s the best gear to use while recording wisdom, but rather the lack of knowledge of the audience. Most podcasts working for the greater good of the industry, tend to talk a whole lot about service but never about data or the outreach involved. A brand new and aspiring podcaster can care less about what gigantic microphone or headphones to use, but how to have better outreach to a potential audience or perhaps a client.

This is the biggest problem that we are seeing today within the podcast world. With the lack of knowledge within lack of content and data for audience outreach, we have brand new podcasters who would have otherwise spread an amazing message or story, only to be shuttered away from not knowing how to reach out to a larger audience that is in need of their podcast.

Why do we need to continue talking about gadgets if that’s the case? Why do we need to beat around the bush about equipment instead of the potential niche of a new podcaster? Would this not become redundant you would say?

To live up to the reputation of the new normal of podcasting, we must begin to dive deep into talking about what made podcasting the way it is now: by attracting the audience we seek to speak to. We must forget about the equipment to start off with and focus on the mission that makes a podcast not only unique, but appeals to the certain audience the podcast is aiming to speak to with their message.

An aspiring podcaster wants to jump head into the world with their message, not worrying about what equipment to start off with first, so we must produce the guidance to help them get their voice out there.

We must provide them with the tools to seek out the audience so that they don’t just hear their own voices on Spotify, or smell their own breath if they are wearing a mask to avoid COVID. And when we do finally provide something tangible, it helps the potential audience to not be a beta by listening to what they have to say. Want to learn more? Pay close attention to the next part on how we help to identify the audience for the up and coming podcaster!

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