Utilizing The Human Voice, Video, Credibility and Authenticity:  Knucklehead Media Group Interviews Rich Cardona

Utilizing The Human Voice, Video, Credibility and Authenticity: Knucklehead Media Group Interviews Rich Cardona

Have you every struggled in getting your social media content out there for business? Do you want to give a human voice to whatever you’re doing?

Knucklehead Media Group recently sat down with Rich Cardona, CEO of Rich Cardona Media to talk about connecting with an audience and giving a human voice to the brand of the business. 

KHMG: Rich, thank you for spending some time with us today, as you recently noted, nearly half of the world has cell phones and is plugged into social media and nearly 80% of Americans spend over 2 hours a day on social media. How big of a misstep is it for executives, organizations and brands that are not consciously making the decision to ensure they’re getting in front of that audience?

Rich Cardona: I wouldn’t say it’s a misstep as much as it is a missed opportunity. I certainly believe that the goal of executives and organizations and brands at its core is to influence and the inability to influence can come from many things. But the lowest hanging fruit in terms of being able to share your message is to place yourself in front of that audience. And this is why I heavily, heavily advocate for video. So when you look at attention as what Gary V [aynerchuck] likes to say as currency, the people gaining the most attention who purposely and explicitly put themselves out to be in a position to influence further than their immediate area do tend to succeed. And the more people that see like, comment or share your content, is just absolutely the fastest way to extend your reach. So that is what I would say. I would say it’s not a misstep as much as it is a missed opportunity.

KHMG: At Knucklehead we believe that giving organizations a human voice, a human connection to their audience through podcasting with both audio and video elements is vital. Allowing their audience to consume more of the organization’s content through a podcasting platform with both video and audio elements and that all important authentic, relatable human voice can be game changing, do you agree? Can you expand on those thoughts?

Rich Cardona: Relatable human voice can be game changing. Do I agree? With the use of video and audio elements, there is something extremely, extremely tangible about someone’s passion, charisma and enthusiasm when it comes to the information they’re trying to present. I truly believe it’s tangible to determine if someone wants to even be talking about that shit. That’s huge. When it comes to video, adding the video element and I think you cannot ignore, the body language, the cues, the eye contact, the, the emotions, the way someone may, you know, just look off to the side and shake their head when they’re explaining,a deal that went wrong or the huge smile on someone’s face when it’s like, ‘I never thought in a million years Gary V would allow me to interview him’ something along those lines. So I believe these are all important to be on video and audio if you truly want to be it will shine through. If it is something that you truly don’t believe in and, or more importantly, a subject matter that truly doesn’t interest you and just excite you at your core, uh, that you’re not going to be authentic and you are not going to be relatable and you will lose interest in an audience who loses interest very quickly.

KHMG: Given that authenticity and relatability play so much into the credibility of a brand or organization, how important is it for business leaders to ensure their brands are putting a “human voice” out there?

Rich Cardona: The importance for business leaders to ensure their brands are putting a human voice out there cannot be overstated enough. That being said, I am very realistic and practical in understanding that I have worked with some of the most silent out of the spotlight savage fucking leaders ever. And that is just how they roll. And I’m glad that’s how they roll. However, when it comes to representing your organization, sometimes that is left to the wrong people. It should not necessarily be given to a spokesperson or a comms team or whatever. When leaders emerge in order to pass on information, to share industry expertise, to comment on happenings, within that niche or whatever it may be, that authenticity and relatability can only truly be achieved by the leaders themselves. That kind of human element not only highlights the person, but it highlights the type of people within the brand and the organization and is certainly, certainly a good attention grabber for others that are contemplating joining that organization or following the organization as a whole.

KHMG: You also recently mentioned that executives often have a narrow focus, their view is limited, they’re busy and they cast their nets a bit too shallow at times. How can executives and business leaders break through that barrier between laser focused work, or behind the scenes work, and the need to authentically produce content for their audience?

Rich Cardona: So just as it would be before COVID, when people were commuting, when people were walking to work, when people were doing anything, plenty of people are consuming social media. Plenty of people are just looking at their Amazon orders. Plenty of people are doing tons of things, but during that commute or those break in the day more often than not, you are thinking or your mind is engaged with something that recently happened in your day that related to something in the past or something that you want to do in the future. That is an opportunity to authentically produce content for that audience. 

Or you could talk about, here’s how we solved a problem. When the client was not communicating with the client and their account manager were having communication issues, anything that sparks a reminder of a problem specifically that was overcome is fantastic audio or visual content. There’s nothing preventing you from taking out your phone and recording a voice memo on your phone like this. When you’re driving or when you’re walking, you could take a video and you could post that content, but breaking through that barrier, and just kind of expanding the focus a little bit on how you can help other people, how you can serve is always going to be a recipe for success.

KHMG: Being that executives and business leaders are certainly the most “credible” source from within an organization, how would go about convincing these leaders that the content they could and should be providing their organizations is as important as we say?

Rich Cardona: So when it comes to the leaders being the most credible source and how can we convince them that, the content they should be providing the organizations is as important as we say, is because there is a very, very tangible aspect of reputation, of brand and digital trust that exists in the online marketplace. And when I say marketplace, I don’t mean a place to purchase. I mean a place to consume everybody. Everybody is still in a position where they always want to learn more, which is exactly why YouTube is a search engine. People could learn things that they need help on, which is exactly why people listen to podcasts. They could get educated by the people interviewing industry experts or the people who just have a, you know, solo form a podcast where they just kind of break down things like a Dave Ramsey per se.

It’s important because this allows others to know, like, and trust you. And if they know, like, and trust you, then there is the propensity, in my opinion, that they will look a little bit deeper into you as a leader and to the organization as a whole. That is an extremely positive byproduct that can come out of that. By not sharing that message, it reduces the influence, the impact on the reach. So that is how I would, try and let them know it is as important as we say. The other thing you could say if you’d change nothing for the next 12 months, would you be further along? The answer’s probably no. If you started content strategy, do you think you’d be further along as a person and as a business? The answer is probably fuck yeah.

KHMG: What words would you have for a business leader/executive that may read this and isn’t fully convinced that they themselves may be the best “human voice” for their brand or organization?

Rich Cardona: What words would I give a leader executive that isn’t fully convinced that they may be the best human voice? There are people out there exactly like you. Everyone has listened to a podcast to watching interviews, read a book and nodded their head up and down when they saw something that resonated with them. You will never convince yourself you’re the best human voice for the brand or the organization because many people are reluctant to categorize themselves as a leader or an influencer so to speak. It’s that mentality that prevents so many from doing it that by doing it you will be going against the grain and you will find that the impact is very real and I think when people look at this, they think they need to impact hundreds of people, thousands of people, whatever it may be. But if something you do helps one person and you get one email, if you get one DM that says, ‘that really helped me’, that should and could be enough for you to realize that the impact doesn’t have to be far and wide.
It could be narrow and you could have resonated with the one person that felt that there was no one else out there that thought like them felt like them or approach things like them. And if you make that connection, then you just made a connection that you probably never would have made on the street because you chose to make an audio or visual content to reach other people. And by doing so, a connection and impact was achieved in that. That is why it’s important to be that voice, that leader, that executive who has a voice that is at least attempting to do more from just their immediate vicinity.

Having a video or audio visual when presenting your brand is now more important than ever. With an audience that craves authenticity and a brand that is honest to a fault about their trials and tribulations, getting those honest thoughts through innovative visuals is what connects your business to more people out there as Rich Cardona noted in his interview.
Take immediate action to get your message out there right now with these tools in order to grow your business and brand! Otherwise it’s a gigantic missed opportunity that will leave you wondering what else can you do during this time.

Visit our Knucklehead Podcast site to hear more from Rich Cardona as he joins us in Episode 111 discussing “How to Unclog Your Content”.

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