10 Impactful Podcasting Statistics For 2020

10 Impactful Podcasting Statistics For 2020

Here are 10 amazingly impactful statistics about podcasting! (updated April, 2020)

1. 165 Million People in the US Have Listened to a Podcast

51% of the US population (approx. 165 million people) have listened to a podcast.

2. 32% Americans are Monthly Podcast Listeners 

32% (approx. 150 million people) listen to podcasts at least once a month (though many listen to one podcast or another much more frequently than that).

3. 22% American People Listen to Podcasts Weekly

22% of Americans (approx. 103 million people) are weekly podcast listeners (i.e. listen to podcasts at least once a week).

4. Young People (18-44 Yrs) Make Up 67% of the Podcast Audience

Podcasting is way more popular among young people, with 67% of the total podcasting audience being between 18 to 44 years old.

5. Podcasts Attract Wealthier & Educated People More

It also attracts the educated and relatively wealthier sections of the society more. In fact, it’s 45% more likely for a podcast listener to have a college degree, and 68% more likely to have a post-graduate degree. They are also much more likely to be HNIs (high net-worth individuals), with them having a 45% more likelihood of having a net household income of over $250,000, which is a quarter million dollars, annually!

6. Podcasting Audience is Amazingly Gender Balanced!

When it comes to gender balance, the podcasting audience is well balanced at the moment, with men leaning every so slightly on the heavier side of the scale (52% vs. 48% for women).

7. Smartphones are Most Popular for Consuming Podcasts

Smartphones are the #1 platform for podcast consumption. Given how popular iTunes’ podcasts (now known as Apple Podcasts) are, and given the fact that there’s a consistent decline in PC and tablet usage due to the rise of smartphones, it’s hardly a surprise that smartphones are occupying the number one spot here.

8. 80% of Listeners Listen to (Almost) the Entire Episode

When it comes to engagement, 80% of podcast listeners listen to an entire podcast episode or at least most of it. This is one of the best engagement rates, if not the best, among any consumption medium.

9. Weekly Listeners Spend 6 hrs 37 mins Per Week on Average

Weekly podcast listeners spend an average of 6 hours and 37 minutes listening to podcasts per week.

10. Podcast Listeners are More Active on Social Media

Compared to the general U.S. population, podcast listeners are more active on social media, with 94% being active on at least one social media platform, vs. 81% for the entire population. They are also much more likely to follow their favorite brands on social media.

*Bonus* Podcast Ad Revenue Growth is 1,000% in 5 Years!

Podcast ad revenue grew exponentially from 2015 ($69 million) to 2018 ($402 million), with the growth forecast predicting a revenue of $659 million in 2020. That’s roughly a jaw-dropping growth of 1,000% in just 5 years!

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