Why FuseBox Is The Best Podcast Player For Your WordPress Hosted Podcast Site.

Why FuseBox Is The Best Podcast Player For Your WordPress Hosted Podcast Site.

Today I want to talk about FuseBox, the revolutionary podcast player plugin for WordPress formerly known as Smart Podcast Player. This podcast player is the brainchild of podcasting royalty, Pat Flynn. Alongside the re-branding and face lift, FuseBox has received new implementations such as the new transcript plugin that allows you to post your timestamped transcripts alongside your episodes.

In this article I am going to give you a closer look at FuseBox and explain why we use it on our site, knuckleheadpodcast.com and all of our Knucklehead Media Group client sites.

Let’s begin:

FuseBox Features

Smart Podcast Player FuseBox review
FuseBox Player features

FuseBox’s players have many exciting and useful features, setting it apart from other popular plugins. installation and customization are also much simpler than other podcast player plugins we have used in the past.

FuseBox.fm Pro allows you to publish and display your podcast episodes, show transcripts, show notes, build playlists, feature certain episodes, host multiple podcast rss feeds within one player and much more. It gives you the functionality of three separate players, a sitewide sticky player that stays in place across your whole site, the “full” player that offers untold amounts of customization options and acts as the main/host player for your show as well as the single track player, perfect for highlighting a single track in a slim, stripped down and sleek version of the full player.

The plugin and its players are responsive and mobile friendly, so users can easily access your show across multiple devices with different screen sizes.

Users can easily toggle between new and old episodes, download, share and subscribe directly from the player.

FuseBox also features a built in email capture tool that helps Podcasters grow their email lists more easily than other players/plugins.

Here are some of my favorite features of the FuseBox.fm Podcast Plugin:

Color Customisation

Fusebox allows you to fully customize all of your player’s color options, making it so that you can easily match the branding of your blog, website andorganization.

The Email Capture Tool

FuseBox has built in email integration that allows you to embed an email sign-up form directly into you Fusebox players. The integration easily displays on your players via a customizable button. The functionality also serves more functions beyond capturing just emails.

The customizable field also functions as a “Featured Button“, allowing you to direct listeners to any pop-up, website or sign up form.

You can use this email list building tool to get more subscribers and leads and of course features seamless integration with popular email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact and more.

Light and Dark Theme

It’s 2020, who uses light mode anymore? Just kidding, it’s a personal preference but one that is spreading in popularity as many more sites and social media platforms are offering a “dark mode” or “dark theme” fore their users that prefer a darker layout. FuseBox comes with both light and dark themes available for you to use.


FuseBox has a built in downloads feature so your visitors can download and save your Podcasts with a single click, no more hassle, the user experience is paramount with this tool.

Sharing and Subscription features

To make sharing of your Podcasts easy, FuseBox allows you to display custom share buttons on your players that you can also customize their appearance.

It comes with subscription features so that you can connect your FuseBox Podcast Player with other apps subscription links like SoundCloud, Itunes, Buzzsprout and others.

Custom Sort feature

You can customize the presentation of your episodes via custom sort options. You can choose which episodes should appear first, to display newest episodes first, oldest first, build playlists, feature specific episodes etc… A very useful function when you need it.

The Transcript Plugin

Insanely easy to use, Fusebox’s transcript tool is an easy way to elegantly display your podcast transcripts.

Its setup is incredibly hassle free, it accepts .txt files, HTML, PDFs and is compatible with almost all popular transcription services. The transcripts can be pinned just below your episode on your chosen player and expand to display teh full show transcript when clicked by the visitor. Using the transcript plugin is also an easy way to improve your podcast site’s SEO.

Pricing and Plans

Fusebox.fm offers two plans, Free and Pro, with monthly and yearly billing options. It’s incredibly affordable, starting at $8.00 per month if you choose yearly billing.

FuseBox Player pricing

Downside of FuseBox Podcast Player

FPP Player is an amazing plugin and many interesting features but there are some cons that should know before buying it:

Navigating the “Knowledge Base”

Fusebox offers email based support but if you’re like me you want to be able to figure things out yourself and appreciate there being a knowledge base of FAQ for you to browse.

The knowledge base, as Fusebox calls it, is where you will find all of your installation instructions, FAQs, support articles and more information. It’s quite comprehensive but navigating it can be annoying as some articles and details are hidden inside of one another, sometimes hiding an answer of piece of shortcode a few articles deep.

I would like to be able to more easily navigate the layers of the knowledge base, a personal gripe as I have been able to locate all of the answers I went looking for, not too mention how incredibly hassle free the entire process was to begin with.

Only for WordPress users

Fusebox.fm can only be used with WordPress… you can’t use it on other CMS systems yet and I have not seen any indication that they intend to expand the player’s compatibility. If you’re a WordPress user, this is no issue, if you’re not… then no luck for you.

I hope to see Fusebox.fm available on other platforms in the future.


So is it recommended?

Yes, 100%.

FuseBox is an amazing product that has almost everything a podcaster could ask for. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, affordable, full of features and incredibly customizable. The built-in email capturing and additional transcript plugin are worth more than $8.00 a month on their own. There are many plugins available for podcasts on WordPress but the FuseBox plugin is better than all of them.

Find out more at: fusebox.fm

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