Why Video Will Continue To Be The Central Piece Of Your Marketing Strategy In 2020.

Why Video Will Continue To Be The Central Piece Of Your Marketing Strategy In 2020.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a few minutes. Do you remember a time where not everyone had a cell phone? What about a cell phone that wasn’t “smart’? How about a phone that didn’t even text? Oh yes, there were times that business was done by connecting with folks face to face and with a (quasi) warm handshake followed up with words and emotions being exchanged during that meeting. It truly wasn’t that long ago, but as technology has increased the rate and frequency in which we can replicate these types of interactions with our cold audience, so have the needs of your marketing keeping up with that rate of change.

Let’s use some visual examples here (notice a trend starting…) that displays someone with an established audience base to simply point out the statistical relevancy of this type of media. Notice that the picture in the social media post has all the “right tactics” of tagging the associated parties and their followers of the information and CTA is at the end of the social media post. How many engagements does this post have?

• 75% of consumers are online and connected to these applications with their mobile devices, post was made at 7:53PM
a. Yet, only 135 likes, and 11 RT’s
b. This Profile has 53K Followers
c. .002% Engagement which means we can assume even less pursued the CTA
• There’s A LOT of information for the followers of this account in this post, so that could be the reason for low engagement or even a lack of follow through

Let’s compare this statistic with another picture, leveraging the authors audience, with only the use of words. Remember, the followers of the above post were directed to the article written outside of the application. Whereas, the post written by the author himself has text leveraged to engage with his audience, no visual cue or CTA directed to his 765k followers. Interesting statistics to note:

• Almost exact ratio of “Likes to Retweets” (10.5:1 – 12.1:1), which insinuates that like’s are really a vanity metric used to show popularity, not really prove efficacy for the chosen media.
• Even lower engagement with RT’s, at .0004 of his following interacting with the written text.

What does this have to do with video and your companies marketing strategy? Well, here’s the truth, your time, energy, and resources (MD – Marketing Dollars) are going to be spent trying to determine what is the best way to garner attention, keep attention, and convert attention (CMB – Content Marketing Budget) for your product or service. In the end, the effectiveness of the campaign or program can be calculated with this formula:

MD * CMB = Effectiveness of the campaign

Most businesses decide to dedicate $0 to their marketing budget, so whatever resources they decide to dedicate to their content marketing end up being ineffective at best or confusing at worst.

$0 * CMB = ($0, or as with anything times zero; it equals zero)

So, with that said, content marketing or leveraging the use of video to bring more attention to your marketing messages, helps to increase your likelihood of a conversion for new eyeballs to a colder audience. Even if your marketing budget is very little or zero. Here’s why, (and some tangible data to absorb) depending on your target audience, there most likely is competition for their attention, whether be in a competitor or even the status quo, do they have enough incentive to pay attention, or even begin to emotionally connect with your content? There’s enough content out there already, but have you effectively leveraged the most engaging content as a “crumb trail” to where you’d like to lead them to? Same material as before, same author of the material, now only check out the engagement for his video content:

• Notice very similar about of “likes, Retweets, or Vanity Metrics
• Note – of his 765k following, there’s a SIGNIGICANT CHANCE in the number of views that single post received (6.2% of the follower count or an increase of 3000% of viewership
• If you could leverage your existing material or create video content and distribute it in a medium where your targeted audience had a 3000% higher likelihood of consuming your content and the words used had a compelling CTA, would you like that have that work for you or your competition?

Now, I’m not saying that you need to start mass producing videos in order to drive your leads into a marketing funnel, then engage in the action or tailor your message to have that desired end, but if you could offload some of your marketing spend to be optimized to someone that creates that result as a profession, wouldn’t you believe that would be a prudent use of business funds?

If you’re interested in how this approach has changed the way that podcasters, media agencies, solopreneurs, and even large companies have used video to create an uplift in their sales process then connect with some very compelling marketers that have those results online, such as our very own Justin Szerletich, formerly of SZERDS, a digital media/content creation firm based out of San Diego who is now Knucklehad Media Groups Director of Content Strategy. You could also find media applications that have budget friendly options and DIY models that you can begin the process of learning in your marketing endeavors. We’ve helped our clients develop and deploy some very compelling campaigns with video and believe strongly that those that use the video’s effectively will generate the attention they’re looking for. In time, they’ll be able to leverage the information within the video to get more of the results they’re looking for.

That’s why video is critical to your business in 2020. And your competition.

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