Access Points Podcast: Episode 27 – Post COVID19 Business Landscape

Access Points Podcast: Episode 27 – Post COVID19 Business Landscape

As the COVID-19 crisis persists, the situation shows that it has forced the entire world to change its way of life.  From how children receiving their education from Zoom conference calls, to healthcare businesses suddenly having an explosion in demand, the world is having to learn how to adapt to utilizing technology as an alternative while many states and counties continue to be on quarantine for the remainder of time.

It’s difficult to believe that 30-60 days ago, problems that businesses previously didn’t have are now emerging due to the pandemic. No one in the world from a student to a business ever expected something like this to occur at this time. Virtually all of humanity in the world, and not any specific country, has been affected by the changes that have been brought on by COVID-19. And although the world is showing signs of lifting their respective quarantines, it is obvious that there will be no return to normalcy as it was before the crisis hit.

With the litany of rules and regulations that came into place as a result of the pandemic such as social distancing, people leaving the house in masks, to literally everyone having to turn to social media and the Internet to conduct business and regular activity online. The biggest question that anyone can have at this time is how will the new normal look like once the crisis is over?

What will the world look like and how will the world operate once the COVID scare is a memory within the history books?

Join in on this Access Points Episode as the Access Points team dissect how the crisis has forced the entire world to adopt with examples they see at home, and discussing how the world might look like when the quarantine lifts.

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