Why Now Matters

Why Now Matters

These are stark times for everybody in the world. 

With the ongoing pandemic, the world has been shut down, forcing business and individuals to either shut down, or to adapt quickly unless they want to go under.

At Access Points, everyone within the business is discovering that by building relationships through seeing the humanity in their clients, not only will they retain them when normality resumes, but also establish a human connection through it all.

The Access Points team sits down to discuss the ongoing pandemic and what goodness that they have discovered in a world that has been hunkered down to working from home. It’s during these times that the team has discovered what initially was having to search for clients prior to the pandemic, has soon become more of a goldmine for opportunities for new clients and to retain clients.

While the business quotas remain the same, the Access Points team has taken the approach of forgetting about the commodity and focusing on the relationships with the clients. It’s now a normality during a client call when an Access Points team member’s pet dog comes into the room barking while they are having a conversation with a client or vice versa. However, this is where relationships are built up where it may have not been a possibility. After all, what was the last client call like prior to the pandemic? Did it sound like a sales pitch or did it sound like more of a call between two acquaintances discussing certain matters? It’s often moments like this that breaks the tension and assumption of a standard sales call, but taking a more human tone to it all.

Check out this episode as the Access Points team discuss their continuing work in the midst of the pandemic, how they are talking to clients differently during the pandemic than how they were doing it prior to the crisis, and how small acts of kindness like a supportive note to clients speak volumes when businesses need to adapt to the world of telecommuting and the background noise of life happening in the background.

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