Three Different Technical Remote Work Setups That Fit Any Situation

Three Different Technical Remote Work Setups That Fit Any Situation

It’s safe to say that a majority of the world is currently working remotely with the ongoing pandemic. While many may experience the sadness of not having to deal with the morning commute, the cubical life, or having the bosses breath go down their neck without a mask on, working remotely is beginning to be viewed as the new norm for those not required to still make the commute to their local office. However, it’s wise to know that one singular remote setup is not going to fit all depending on who you are for your work setup. So we here at Knucklehead Media Group have three setups for three different types of individuals working remotely:

  1. The Working Man

The average working man in a stereotypical deserves a very simple setup minus the cubicle and annoying coworkers. If you are the type that hates your average office cubicle environment, it’s wise to have this set up in an open area such as the living room (or dining room!) where you would not feel constrained or trapped like you were when you were working in the office. Plus points if you are finally able to add the ergonomics set up to your remote work setup for your back health, or adding in a bouncy ball for your seat instead of the usual office roller chair.

  1. The Freelancer

One does not simply work on a singular project like the average office worker of today, but multiple projects like a good freelancer does. To assist with the typical multi-project freelancer, it’s safe to invest in multiple screens for the multiple projects the freelancer may be working on at any given time. It’s also smart to have a clean desk so that one does not feel too overwhelmed by the set up complete with the numerous projects that demand the freelancer’s attention. But with that clean set up, it also allows for any goodies or extra’s that make the freelancer work best like a place to put the stereo to listen to a favorite podcast or to eat lunch while working on a project.

  1. The Professional

A CEO or leader would definitely appreciate having a remote set up for the Professional set up. It’s definitely located in a dedicated workspace at home like a home office, much like their corner office in a high rise. There’s plenty of light, cleanliness, and organization that’s demanded of them and that they can appreciate whoever’s video conferencing them, knowing that they are professional in their service, appearance, and organization. It’s optimized for a multitude of reasons such as remote calls or hybrid meetings, tasks that permeate the everyday life of the professional. Get this setup if that’s your everyday life or if you want to project the aura of a high-status individual!

Which remote work set up works best for you? Comment below with a picture and explain how it fits you working at home!

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