The Best Remote and Podcast Practices for three types of Working Individuals

The Best Remote and Podcast Practices for three types of Working Individuals

Working remotely doesn’t always have to be a constant struggle.

  • Do you eat chocolates?
  • Do you not walk past the kitchen?
  • Are you committed to doing push-ups, but are distracted by Tiger King on Netflix?

To simplify these matters, we found that there are several different degrees in doing this the right way for various individuals working remotely.

Comfortable in the home office, creative work space, or an elegant boardroom?
  1. The Working Man/Woman
    1. Here’s where your processor on your computer is going to be working on overdrive, the WebCam, the Wi-Fi, computer and everything are working in sync to capture your audio and your link to the outside world.
    2. Almost everybody has this current setup, some folks are wanting to step up their game by propping their smartphone on a tripod to bring a different environment to their work area whether it’s a home office, couch, or even a kids playground.
  2. The Freelancer
    1. Some of you want to sell your service on the next Zoom call so the more exotic and creative your background is the better. We see you with that Janis Joplin poster hanging on the wall, Pink Floyd playing in the background and the various stickers all over the back of your computer that you have strategically placed your DSLR or WebCam on your bookshelf while burning incense.
    2. Between painting, your book reading, the constant trips to the kitchen for more coffee, your Bluetooth EarPods constantly need recharging and your Wi-Fi keeps on dropping calls as you replicate this set up about every third day to have variety.
  3. The Professional
    1. Replicating an office set up for you to give your remote teams that operate in places throughout the world is what your goal is.
    2. From the type of camera, to the type of computer monitor, even your keyboard (or lack of cords) is almost a new fashion statement. Folks looking for the Louis Vuitton logo or Mercedes Benz on your car have gone out the window and  replaced it whether or not you have a four series or five series logitech, or a DSLR with Bluetooth capability.

If you truly want to know what best practices are – listen to the experts on this podcast episode on Access Points. (Access’s podcast on remote work)

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