Let’s Meet Our New Director of Content Strategy at Knucklehead Media Group, Justin Szerletich

Let’s Meet Our New Director of Content Strategy at Knucklehead Media Group, Justin Szerletich

Many solopreneurs and entrepreneurs will remember the numerous moments of mistakes and failures that have launched them into multiple successes throughout their career. These are not singular moments, rather many that occur throughout their time hustling towards their end goal of manifesting success in the end. It is definitely not a pleasant experience that entrepreneurs face when they make a mistake or that their business idea is a failure, but it’s a blessing in disguise in which they learn an important lesson that can benefit their future.

Justin Szerletich, Director of Content Strategy
Knucklehead Media Group

As Knucklehead Media Group’s new Director of Content Strategy, Justin Szerletich is no exception in having plenty of Knucklehead moments. On this episode of the Knucklehead Podcast, we explore Justin’s train of thought through his journey that ultimately landed him where he is now with Knucklehead Media Group in addition to running his own businesses over in Southern California.

We discuss everything from working in the Social Security Administration after an enlistment in the Marine Corps, to designing t-shirt ideas to pitch to businesses like many post 9/11 veterans and ultimately how his passion, inspiration and creativity has seen him helm amazingly creative projects with clients such as ESPN Radio, State of Illinois Dept. of Labor, BizTalk Radio, KnuckleHead Media Group, Business Doctor TV Show, Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration23rdveteranand more…

It has been an adventure with many mistakes and failures along the way. This has included a well known business that turned down a t-shirt pitch idea when Justin was initially breaking into the entrepreneurial world, having to deal with another business that failed to uphold its partnership with Justin’s business who was writing on their behalf, along with other small mistakes that have been made throughout Justin’s career.

However, these have produced many lessons for Justin to propel forward to success and coming onboard Knucklehead Media Group. It’s about following a certain standard but all about creating a standard for the rest of the industry to follow as Justin said when he came onboard Knucklehead Media.

So if you want to hear about the long journey to finding out where your passion truly lies along with hard earned wisdom earned along the way, give Episode 105 of Knucklehead podcast a listen!

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