Knucklehead Media Group Hires Daniel Vu as Creative Writing Lead

Knucklehead Media Group Hires Daniel Vu as Creative Writing Lead

Dallas, Texas – April 6th, 2020 – Knucklehead Media Group hires Daniel Vu as Creative Writing Lead

Daniel Vu, Creative Writing Lead
Knucklehead Media Group

Daniel Vu has been brought onboard Knucklehead Media Group as a Creative Writing Lead to help create content clients on social media to drive our clients and our ultimate business goals. Having a passion for writing effectively and methodically is what Knucklehead Media Group is looking for.

Daniel’s experience and methodical approach began with an enlistment in the Marine Corps where he spent four years as an administration specialist helping write correspondence for hundreds of Marines in his unit from his Commanding Officer to the lowest ranking Marine, deploying to Operation Inherent Resolve and to Vietnam as a Vietnamese translator for a joint military missing personnel recovery team.

After his exit from active duty in 2018, Daniel began to write about his experiences on Quora.com, a question and answers site which led to him becoming one of the last writers to be awarded the Top Writer award for 2018, along with appearing on an episode of Expectations vs. Realities on EngineeredTruth, a YouTube career channel.

Since then, Daniel spent some time as an insurance fraud investigator in addition to running a successful Catholic men’s page on Instagram with over 10,000 followers before coming onboard Knucklehead Media Group.

Outside of writing, Daniel can be seen going on dates with his girlfriend, spending lots of time doing physical activity such as running, bouldering, boating, and hiking, along with traveling when time permits.

Daniel Vu is the Creative Writing Lead for Knucklehead Media Group, responsible for creating social media content for clients who have a presence on numerous social media sites. His writing has been featured on Quora.com, Successful Dropouts, and has made appearances on various social media outlets such as YouTube and radio speaking about his experiences as a Marine Corps veteran and subsequent adventures.

When not writing for Knucklehead Media Group, Daniel can be seen spending time with his girlfriend in addition to enjoying the beauties of Southern California where he currently resides along spending time with family in his Pacific Northwest home of Washington State.

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