Being Born As An Entrepreneur, Lime Media CEO Heath Hill

Being Born As An Entrepreneur, Lime Media CEO Heath Hill

In the world of entrepreneurship, approximately half of entrepreneurs are born into that world through family or a connection. The other half receive mentorship and learn from those that are already successful in entrepreneurship, then eventually decide to do their own thing in the long run. It’s within this world that the most successful entrepreneurs find opportunities instead of having fear of the risk that it entails which differentiates them from those that struggle towards becoming a success.

Heath Hill, CEO Lime Media

Heath Hill, the CEO of Lime Media, believes this holds very true having been an entrepreneur for the better part of two decades. As an entrepreneur inspired by his grandfather who brought him a lawnmower at a young age, Heath’s entrepreneurship adventure began when opportunities fell into place that would lead him into doing landscaping for about 15 years, before he eventually began to do real estate business for 20 years.

As an entrepreneur that has learned by experience, Heath has not always had the experience to deal with others that have the same mindset that he had that has led him to success. On this particular episode of the Knucklehead Podcast, Heath explains how he has worked alongside those that don’t necessarily have the same credentials per se, but was able to work with them through adding value with a healthy dose of personal lessons he hopes to pass on as an entrepreneur. This is coming from a successful man who has worked in the real estate and landscaping field before he went on to work in partnerships with brands to create amazing marketing programs.

Whether it’s seeking out mentorship early on to learn what can benefit, to learning to work more effectively asides from grinding it out 12-14 hours per day, Heath passes on wise lessons as he looks in retrospect all the lessons he learned in the past that he sees his sons do know as they strike out on their own in the entrepreneurship world. Get ready to have a lot of wisdom passed onto you as Heath Hill speaks on this Episode of the Knucklehead Podcast.

Remember, that while it’s good to work hard, it’s always better to be effective in how you carry out your work!

True entrepreneurs do not see fear. They see only as opportunity.

Seeing what Heath Hill and the team around him has accomplished, how his life has changed by having a disciplined and principled approach to growing his organization has inspired talent to join him on his mission. Hustle and grind can only get you so far and for many years, 12-14 hours a day were many years was the op-tempo, until he decided to work smarter.

Lime Media works in partnership with agencies and brands to CREATE experiential marketing programs, promotions and events that deliver messages to a target audience. They are experts in planning and executing highly effective marketing programs that ENGAGE consumers in a variety of locations and environments. They do this by owning over 100 vehicles that can efficiently and effectively MOVE your program to large and small markets around the country.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hhill

Check out more from Lime: https://lime-media.com

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