Access Points Podcast: COVID19 and the Effect on Strategic Planning

Access Points Podcast: COVID19 and the Effect on Strategic Planning

COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus has literally wrecked havoc across the world when it first appeared at the beginning of 2020. What appeared to be a strand of flu in Wuhan, China that would be suppressed, soon had a reach around the world resulting in entire nations placing quarantine rules across the board, economies hurting as business shutter to abide by social distancing rules, along with citizens struggling to purchase home essentials in the event of a complete lockdown. This has also led to the medical field struggling to find the appropriate equipment to take care of patients afflicted with the virus, in addition to supplying doctors who are there to treat the patients with the tools needed.

On this episode of the Access Points podcast, Access EForms Davin Marceau and CEO Tim Elliott discuss what they have learned since the virus infected many across the world. When the virus was first noticed in the fall of last year, it was viewed as an abstract piece of news since a majority of the cases took place in China, which left many to conduct their lives and business in a normal state. However, at the beginning of 2020, there was an exponential number of cases that soon began to emerge in the United States along with many other countries which soon had a major impact across the nation which soon had a major impact on strategic planning for many businesses including the healthcare world.

Access Points, which serves to provide IT to acute hospitals, began to look for ways to adapt to the changing environment as a result of the coronavirus soon having a major impact on businesses. When hospitals began to lockdown which resulted in vendors not being able to come on site, with many of them taking on numerous patients infected with the coronavirus, Access Points began first by seeing what hospitals needed during this crisis and how to provide that quickly to help in the efforts to fight back against the coronavirus.

Tune in on this Access Points podcast episode and find out how Access Points is helping hospitals by remixing current technology to meet the needs of the hospitals who are on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis.

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